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(formerly Bell Atlantic)

New York, NY

In 1997, Bell Atlantic/Verizon sought a reliable and technologically capable firm to provide outside plant engineering services for the company’s various districts.
  J & L Technologies was selected, along with several other providers, to supply the following engineering services for Verizon:
Conduit design and coordination
  Right-of way drawings
  Planning and feeder relief projects
  Cable rehabilitation and maintenance
  Make-ready services
  Construction inspection

Additional Information:
In the four years that Verizon has contracted the services of J&L Technologies, J&L has designed over 1,000 projects.
  J&L Technologies (and its predecessor James & Leonard Engineers, P.C.) have provided technical services to the New Telephone/NYNEX/Bell Atlantic/Verizon organization continuously since 1984, and continue to do so today.


AT&T Local Services
(formerly Teleport Communications Group)

New York, NY

In 1995, AT&T sought to construct a backbone connection from New York City to eastern Long Island.
  J&L Technologies engineered a 70 mile, redundant backbone that totaled in excess of 150 cable miles. The underground route, with aerial diversity, was researched, selected, designed, permitted, constructed, and tested within a 12-month period.
Coordination of conduit construction alone encompassed 50 separate projects totaling approximately 60,000 trench feet, with 10-15 projects active concurrently.
  GIS (Geographic Information Systems), GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) systems, CAD, and custom Windows™ programming were a few of the tools J&L Technologies employed to facilitate job progress.
  J&L Technologies’ custom mapping applications (utilizing MapInfo™) assisted in the project presentation, design, and coordination.


RCN Corporation
Dallas, PA

In the late ’90s, RCN Corporation, the nation’s first and largest facilities-based competitive provider of bundled phone, cable television and high-speed internet services, sought to expand their network into the tri-state area.
In 1998, J&L Technologies strand walked and digitized eleven community boards in Queens, NY, totaling 1,161 miles of cable. (In 2000, J&L also engineered approximately 70,000 trench feet of conduit design for the Queens project).
  From mid-1999 to date, J&L Technologies has stranded, walked, and digitized 22 townships in New Jersey, totaling 1,254 miles of cable.
  J&L Technologies has recently completed 211 miles of RF design in the greater Boston metropolitan area.


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